Century Sunshine: Using the "ingenuity" and feelings to create a military-quality solar street light


In today's era, various emerging industries are developing rapidly. However, Anhui Zhu, the founder of Century Sunshine, has been sticking to the solar street lamp industry for more than ten years. He has not rushed to the so-called hot industry with the choice of time. Now, time proves this insistence. Today, Century Sunshine has obtained nearly 500 patents of various types in the country. It has not only become an innovator and leader in the technology of integrated solar street lighting industry, but also has been widely recognized by the industry and the society by relying on various advanced management concepts. The social impact and economic effects it creates are gradually increasing.

     "Products are not only a business relationship, but also aninterpretation of ideas. They are a medium and a bridge forcommunication between enterprises and consumers. I want to convey the spirit of our company to the public through products."Zhu referred to this when he was asked to the reason why to choose such product as solar street lights.

     Enterprises rely on innovation in their pursuit of survival in the industry.

     Zhu Anhui, who was influenced by military culture since childhood, has a strong sense of military and patriotism. In 2015, he integrated his own special feelings into the management of the company, striving to create high-end products with military quality, and also demanding excellence in the work of employees. He said: "The obedience of employees determines the execution and determines the products quality."

     "In our industry, there has never been nothing to gain from nothing. Only by persisting in constant innovation and making real good products can we survive, otherwise we will die very quickly." Anhui Zhu stressed, "A lamp, from research and development design, mold opening, proofing, technical verification, testing, small batch production, mass production, and hundreds of micro-links, if any small mistakes, or flaws, will lead to the failure of the final products. Therefore, making good lights is not an easy task. Now LED integrated solar street light is a "colorful" era compared to traditional street lights, but also an era of "mixed fish and dragons". But for the century sunshine, adhere to quality Strive for technological innovation is the eternal belief."

     Craftsmanship, Customer satisfaction represents high quality of the products

     Anhui Zhu, who was born in a military family, does not seem to be connected to the street lamp, but he has come into contact with the street lamp because of an accidental opportunity. After that, he has been away for more than ten years. In the constant meditation and exploration, Anhui saw the huge market of street lamps, streetlights are an indispensable role in urban construction, rural renovation, or garden planning, while traditional street lamps not only consume energy, but also cumbersome objects make installation more troublesome. Anhui noticed this and put his mind intothe innovation and research and development of integrated solar street lamps, then have continued for more than a decade.

     The integrated solar street lamp designed by Century Sunshine is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also has a design sense. The product is humanized, personified, fashionable and ingenious, which was once a blank in the street lamp market. “From the material and design of the product to the assembly of the parts to the final test, we strictly control each step and present high-quality products to the consumers.” Anhui explained.

As the saying goes, the gold cup silver cup is not as good as the people's reputation, and many certificates, gold and silver medals can not match the praise from customers, for more than ten years, the persistence of Century Sunshine has finally paid off. Over the years, sales have reached hundreds of millions of yuan, and customers have turned back more than 95%. They have cooperated with well-known brands such as ZTE and Mulinsen.

At present, the scale and influence of Century Sunshine are constantly growing, and both customers and suppliers are willing to cooperate with Century Sunshine. Anhui is also very optimistic about the future of the company. He firmly believes that the future of the century sunshine will be even more splendid.

Beckoning to the future, culture will bring the company to go on

     “There was a headache in the early stage.” Anhui said that the development process of Century Sunshine was not smooth sailing, capital turnover, personnel management and many other issues, which once made it difficult for enterprises to continue. However, when the Sunshine Sunshine united and made timely and decisive adjustments, it successfully passed the bottleneck and then had the current market position.

     For the future development of the Century Sunshine, Anhui has clear goals and plans. "We also have a small wish now, we hope to build our own industrial park (Century Sunshine Military Main Industrial Park), and to put our militarized enterprises and national defense education on this park to show our China's creative ability to the world, while showing our defense military style to the world and let the world see the strength and achievements of our military and civilian integration."

  “Culture is the essence of the company. In the future, this militarized culture will lead the company forward and let employees find a sense of responsibility and belonging.”

     Anhui, who is on the road of dreams, said: "Although I will be busy with my work, I will try my best to spend time with my family. When I return to my family, I will return to my original place. I will not forget my heart, but I will always be the one I am looking forward to."