The market of solar street lamps is huge, with a scale of 60 billion.

With the acceleration of urbanization and urban infrastructure construction in China, the market demand for lighting products is gradually expanding. Especially in the new rural market, the demand for lighting equipment is increasing, and the demand for products is becoming increasingly stringent. Under the background of energy shortage, traditional lighting equipment consumes enormous energy, and there is a huge waste of energy. It also affects the urban ecological environment. This obviously does not conform to the development direction of energy utilization in China, but also greatly limits the utilization efficiency of lighting equipment.

And the emergence of solar street lamps, effectively make up for the drawbacks of traditional street lamps at the same time, the intelligent and beautiful street lamps make the solar street lighting industry gradually become the leading industry of outdoor lighting. With the vigorous support and promotion of the state, China's solar street lamp market has maintained rapid growth in recent years, the industry market size by 2020, is expected to reach 60 billion yuan.